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ENLITA Coaching offers numerous coaches and types of coaching programs. Each program is
designed to fit a specific need, experience level and budget. There is no question that one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to achieve all of your health and life goals.


Our Coaching Program is a powerful partner in helping you achieve far greater levels of optimal health, success, happiness and fulfillment. The program is led by physician and natural weight loss and expert Dr. Kendra Pearsall and a team of experienced doctors and coaches who can help you to plan exactly what you need to do to achieve your ideal weight, look beautiful and feel fantastic by removing health obstacles and keeping you on a clear path to success.


ENLITA coaching is customized based on your individual health and weight goals. The first step in the program will be to identify all of the health and weight goals you want to achieve and problems you want to permanently solve and then determine precisely which actions will best achieve them. You and your doctor will come up with a specific plan of weekly steps for you to achieve your objectives. With weekly counseling and accountability sessions and e-mail access, you can discover your true health potential and personal skill sets, creating laser focus on creating your health transformation.


ENLITA Coaching is a program that is all about helping you:

1. Identify your barriers to optimal health and well being
2. Set goals and get you focused on what you want to achieve with your mind, body and spirit
3. Create a specific Action Plan with baby steps each week
4. Stay motivated and on track by helping you stay motivated and accountable


Finally You Can Achieve Your Optimal Weight and Perfect Health By Working One-On-One With Your Own Weight Loss Physician 

  • Have a doctor be able to identify and address the exact areas that are keeping you from achieving optimal health and wellbeing
  • Have a doctor hold you accountable and help you achieve all the goals you set for yourself
  • Have the slim figure you’ve always wanted
  • Look 10-20 years younger
  • Have a 10/10 energy level each and every day
  • Let go of your emotional baggage, worry, depression, anxiety  
  • Learn mind-body techniques that can help you feel happy, joyful, filled with inner peace  
  • Get rid of chronic disease or illnesses that are holding you back
  • Double the speed of your metabolism
  • Have the confidence and self-esteem of a movie star  
  • Be able to attract whatever you want in life
  • Get motivated and disciplined to achieve success
  • Have fulfilling, harmonious heart centered relationships with everyone close to you
  • Learn techniques that cause rapid resolution of negative emotions
  • Discover how to eat the perfect diet for your unique biochemistry
    If you’ve said yes to any of the above statements then the ENLITA Coaching program is exactly what you need.


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.