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E-Books & Special Reports

500 Calorie Diet Manual with Two Cookbooks (downloadable)

$97.97  $17.00
Save: 83%
The 500 Calorie Diet Manual is 61 pages long with detailed information on how to do the HDD Diet. There are... more info

500 Calorie e-Cookbook Part 1: Low-Calorie Recipes

$21.97  $9.97
Save: 55%
This 53 page cookbook contains 500 Calorie friendly recipes that are flavorful and will make the 500-Calorie phase easy for you.  Enjoy... more info

500 Calorie e-Cookbook Part 2: Low-Starch Recipes

$21.97  $9.97
Save: 55%
Make Phase 2 of the 500 Calorie diet easy to maintain with this 56 page cookbook that contains low carb recipes specifically for phase... more info

Food Allergies May Be Making You Fat

$30.00  $7.00
Save: 77%
This product includes a 66 page e-book written by Dr. Pearsall and an audio interview with Dr. Pearsall and food allergy expert, Roger Deutsch. Did... more info

Prostate Health in 90 Days - E-Book

$50.00  $17.00
Save: 66%
Every 15 minutes, another man in the United States dies from prostate cancer. Every 3 minutes, doctors diagnose a new case of prostate cancer. By age... more info

Prostatitis: The 60-Day Cure - E-Book

$21.95  $17.00
Save: 23%
Why should you even care about prostatitis? According to Dr. Larry Clapp's research (supported by the National Institutes of Health), prostatitis... more info

The Ultimate Recovery e-Cookbook

$20.00  $13.97
Save: 30%
This is a wonderful cookbook for any kind of addiction but especially for food and drug addictions. The recipes in this cookbook are designed to help... more info