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Teleseminars and Webinars

500 Calorie Diet Eight Week Teleseminar Training

$297.00  $19.97
Save: 93%
Dr. Pearsall’s Eight Week 500 Calorie Diet Eight Week Teleseminar Training (a $500 VALUE) described below: Week One : 1. HDD 500 Calorie... more info

Candida and Parasites: How To Rid Your Body For Optimal Weight

$20.00  $9.97
Save: 50%
This special Candida audio teleseminar also includes a special 30+ page report on candida. You will learn the following:   How candida and... more info

Detox For Fat Loss Teleseminar Package

$49.97  $9.97
Save: 80%
This information package includes an e-book on detoxification including menus and recipes and exact steps. We also have 3 hours of recorded lectures... more info

EFT MP3 Audio File & Transcript

$97.00  $17.00
Save: 82%
In early June 2005 Gary Craig, the pioneer of EFT, and Dr. Mercola presented a complete 3-hour introduction to EFT tele-clinic. This primarily... more info

Emotional Eating: Overcome Addictions With Amino Acids

$20.00  $9.97
Save: 50%
If you have a problem with emotional eating, food cravings, binging, carb addiction or drug addictions, there is a 96% likelihood that you have a... more info

Emotional Eating: Overcome Food Addict With EFT and Amino Acids

$34.49  $7.00
Save: 80%
Discover the secrets of how to overcome Emotional Eating forever with Emotional Freedom Technique. This information package includes a 2 hour and 45... more info

Environmental Toxins: How To Protect Yourself

$19.97  $9.97
Save: 50%
Everything You Need To Know About Environmental Toxins And How To Avoid Them  Learn about the dangers of toxins in your work and home and how to... more info

Exercise Teleseminar with Brandon Mentore P.T.

$20.00  $7.00
Save: 65%
  This special Exercise audio teleseminar with Brandon Mentore is an hour+ mp3 formatted teleseminar that includes topics such as:   ... more info

Flu Tele Clinic Transcript & MP3

$62.76  $17.00
Save: 73%
Flu season is just around the corner, and a parent's natural tendency is to want to protect his/her children from the illness. But before subjecting... more info

Food Allergies May Be Making You Fat

$30.00  $7.00
Save: 77%
This product includes a 66 page e-book written by Dr. Pearsall and an audio interview with Dr. Pearsall and food allergy expert, Roger Deutsch. Did... more info

Hypnosis: How To Help You & Your Family Conquer Junk Food Habit

$24.97  $7.00
Save: 72%
How To Help Your Family Conquer Their Junk Food Habit A common complaint of my clients is that that they are trying to eat  healthy and make... more info